What is down jacket made of

Discover the Science Behind Down Jackets

People love to wear down jackets. It has become an excellent way to show their fashion sense. It feels so good to wear a down jacket or puffer jacket in the wintertime and during the cool weather. 

Before knowing what is a down jacket made of, first, let’s know what is a down jacket.

What is a Down jacket?

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What is down jacket made of

Down Jacket was invented by Eddie Bauer in 1936. Since then till now, it has become part of the parcel for many trekkers or adventure lovers.

Down Jackets are basically jackets filled with down ducks or geese. A down jacket is more likely used to keep our body warm, and you are going to see people wearing it on hiking, adventure, or any trip.

It is insulated from ducks or geese. A down jacket is warm, stylish, and one of the best ways to fashion.

Down Jacket is super trendy in the winter season because it looks so unique, and they also it keep us warm. 

What is down jacket made of? 

The mechanism of the down jacket is quite remarkable. It is the combination of down of duck or goose. Sometimes duck down or goose down the use in a down jacket.

But it depends on the bird down the price of the jacket changes.

In the market, goose down is known as more warming and light-weighted down jacket, which is why the cost of that is higher. 

Is Down Jacket Waterproof? 

There is one thing we should keep in mind the down jacket is not waterproof. Yes, it is only splash-proof but can’t withstand rain.

If you wear it during the shower, it will lose fluffiness; after all, they are made of feathers.

If you need to wear it while it’s raining, don’t forget to wear a raincoat over it. 

Pros of Down Jacket

Down Jacket has so many pros, which attract everyone to buy it. Not just for trekking or any trip people love to buy it.

It can be worn every day to keep our bodies warm.

Now a day’s, in the winter season down jacket has become the first choice among many people. Some pros need to know about the down jacket.

  • Perfect Heat retention in cold weather.
  • Light-weight.
  • Easy to carry because it is so light.
  • No need to wash regularly.
  • Fashionable.
  • Durability is longer than any other jacket.
  • Also capable of a casual outfit. 
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Cons of Down Jacket

Despite having so many pros and advantages, the down jacket also has some cons.

Though it is considered one of the most suitable items for the trekker, it has some cons that everyone should know before buying it.

  • The down jacket loses insulating ability when wet.
  • It takes a long time to dry when it becomes soaked.
  • Expensive than a regular jacket.
  • It requires special cleaning.
  • Hard to keep it in a small space.
  • It takes a little bit more time when it comes to cleaning it or drying it.
  • Because down comes from birds, it has the potential to cause allergies in some people.

Things you should know before buying Down Jacket.

Due to not knowing about down jackets, people often face problem when they try to buy down jackets.

So now we are going to look at some tips which will help everyone regarding buying a down jacket.

  • Know about Down: There are two different types of down. One is goose down, and the second is duck down. Duck-down jackets are a little bit cheaper because they have less fill power and are warm like goose down. So if you want a good amount of heat or warmth from your jacket, then make sure you buy goose down.
  • Fill Power: Speaking of fill power. Not everyone has an idea or knowledge about fill power. What is fill power? Fill in the measurement that is used to determine the loft of down. Or you can say loft is the density of down. So if a jacket has 900 fill power, that means it has 900 cubic inches loft on the other hand if a jacket has 700 fill power, it creates 700 cubic inches loft. 

Note: Keep in mind the higher fill power jacket will be lighter and warmer. So I guess now you know which one you should buy. Higher fill power or lower fill power.

Important Advice

  • Please don’t wash your down jacket regularly because it will reduce its durability.
  • Please don’t wear it during the rain because it is not waterproof. If it is exposed to water for a long time, it will lose its quality; after all, it is made of bird feathers. 
  • Don’t give your down jacket for dry cleaning because dry cleaners don’t know how to clean down jackets properly. Please clean it carefully by yourself. 
  • Use authentic and branded detergent power to clean your down jacket.
  • Try to clean your hands and wash them very softly and carefully.
  • Never fold your jacket or don’t keep it in your wardrobe. Use a hanger to keep your jacket.

If anyone follows all these tips, then his down jacket will last for many days.

Proper care and maintenance are the keys to sustainability for any cloth or product.

So it’s up to you. If you become more careful and conscious regarding the uses of your Down jacket, you will benefit from its for a long time. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to share them with us. 

FAQ for What is down jacket made of?

  1. What is the difference between a down jacket and a synthetic jacket?

     Synthetic jackets are long-lasting, lightweight, and easy to clean! On the other hand duck or goose feather is used to make a Down jacket.

  2. How does this jacket keep you warm in cold weather?

    The coat is filled with hollow fiber insulation which helps retain heat.

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