How to Get from Island to Island in Hawaii

Oh, you want to know how to get from island to island in Hawaii?

Well, aren’t you just the adventurous type. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with all the snarky, sarcastic tips you could ever want.

How to Get from Island to Island in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a beautiful island paradise located in the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors often find themselves wanting to explore different islands within Hawaii to experience their unique culture and attractions.


First off, let’s talk about the obvious: flying. Yes, you’ll need to fly between islands

Unless you’re a mermaid, in which case, you do you. Now, don’t expect to pay the same price for each island hop.

Prices can vary depending on availability, seasonality, and competition. But hey, who needs a savings account anyway? Treat yourself and book that $210 round-trip ticket.

You only live once, right?

With proper plan and Trip.com, you can get a good deal on your flight though!

You can book a flight with American or United Airlines, which have direct flights from the mainland to either Kauai or Maui and then back from the other island.

Alternatively, you can fly in or out of Honolulu and use local airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines, Mokulele Airlines, or Island Air to travel to other islands.

Usually I use trip.com to book flight and I love their service. You can use them as well!

If you’re feeling extra fancy, try to book a flight that goes from the mainland to either Kauai or Maui and then back from the other island .

This might be difficult to do, but who doesn’t love a challenge? Plus, think of all the frequent flyer miles you’ll rack up.

How to Get from Island to Island in Hawaii
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Boat or yacht:

If you’re looking for a more adventurous way to travel between islands, you can consider renting a boat or yacht.

This option will allow you to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean while exploring the different islands in Hawaii.

However, this option is more expensive and time-consuming than flying.


I don’t know should I include this is the list or not.

Another option to consider is to take a ferry between the islands.

Unfortunately, there are no inter-island ferries currently operating in Hawaii.

However, there are plans to reintroduce the service in the future, so keep an eye out for any updates.

Not for you!

Now, if you’re feeling like a rebel and want to try something other than flying, you could always swim or kayak between islands.

Just make sure you’re a strong swimmer and have plenty of sunscreen. Oh, and maybe a life jacket too [[Disclaimer: please do not attempt this, it is not safe or recommended]].

FAQ on How to Get from Island to Island in Hawaii?

  1. How to Get from Honolulu to Big Island

    One of the easiest ways to get from Honolulu to Big Island is by taking a flight

  2. Is There a Ferry from Island to Island in Hawaii?

    No, currently there are no ferries.

  3. Can You Drive from Island to Island in Hawaii?

    No, different island are not connected to each other with bridges.

  4. How Much Does It Cost to Island Hop in Hawaii

    The cost of island-hopping depends on which islands you visit, how many days you stay, and what type of accommodation you choose.
    On average, it usually costs between $200-$300 per day for a budget trip (including flights) or $500-$700 per day for a more luxurious option.

    It’s important to remember that these prices don’t include additional activities such as snorkeling or surfing!

  5. Why are There No Ferries between Hawaiian Islands

    Hawaiian islands are surrounded by vast stretches of ocean, making ferry service between them prohibitively expensive.
    Additionally, the shallow waters and strong currents around the Hawaiian Islands make it difficult to navigate ferries safely.
    The logistics involved in scheduling regular ferry routes over such long distances also pose a challenge.


In conclusion, island hopping in Hawaii can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. But let’s face it, nothing beats the convenience of flying.

But you can also consider renting a boat or yacht for a more adventurous experience.

So book that ticket, pack your bags, and get ready for some fun in the sun.

And if anyone asks how you got from island to island, just tell them you swam.

They’ll be so impressed.

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