Can you bring a Swiss army knife on a plane? Or imprisoned?

Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to get right.

When it comes to travel, packing is no exception. With so many different items and so many restrictions, it can be hard to know which items are safe to bring on a plane.

What is a Swiss army knife?

Swiss Army knives are legendary for their versatility and durability. These pocketknives can do everything from slashing rope to opening boxes.

However, like any other carry-on item, Swiss Army knives must meet airline restrictions.

Can you bring a Swiss army knife on a plane?

The answer is yes and no both.

Yes, a Swiss army knife can be carried on checked luggage.

No, it can not be carried in your carry-on bag.

Are Swiss army knives allowed in checked luggage?

Are Swiss army knives allowed in checked luggage
Are Swiss army knives allowed in checked luggage?

Swiss Army knives are typically allowed in checked luggage, as long as they are properly packed and closed.

However, some airlines may prohibit them outright, so it’s always a good idea to check with your airline before packing your Swiss Army knife.

In general, most airlines accept Swiss Army knives in their passenger’s carry-on luggage.

Why there is a restriction on carrying a Swiss Army knife?

Swiss army knife is restricted on a carry-on bag due to the following reasons:

  • It’s a deadly weapon. If you’re trying to take your trusty pocketknife on your next flight, keep in mind that the TSA deems it a deadly weapon and may not allow it through the checkpoint.
  • It’s too big. If your swiss army knife falls into the category of “too big,” airlines may not be able to accommodate it in your carry-on bag. Make sure to check the size limits for each carrier before packing!
  • The blade of your knife cannot be longer than 2.36 inches (6 cm).
  • It can be used to harm others.
  • Anything made out of metal, including screws and rivets, must be placed inside a checked bag if traveling with an EDC item like a Swiss army knife.

Is Swiss Army Knives Prohibited on carry-on luggage?

Yes, it is prohibited on carry-on luggage

Swiss Army knives are prohibited on many airlines because they can be used as weapons.

If the airport security officer finds one in your carry-on luggage then they will keep the swiss army knife.

Check with Your Airline’s Policy

As you prepare to travel, be sure to check your airline’s policy on carrying knives. Most airlines prohibit any type of knife in carry-on bags

Some may allow small folding knives, but not larger knives. Check the airline’s website or call ahead for specific information.


There is no definitive answer to this question – every airline has different rules, and sometimes they are not clearly spelled out.

That said, I would recommend avoiding bringing a Swiss army knife on a plane as it can cause a lot of inconvenience for other passengers.

If you absolutely must bring your Swiss army knife on board, make sure to keep it in its original case and avoid bringing it into the cabin.

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