We dream, and it is okay to dream. Thus, dream big. Capturing and enjoying moments without loved ones while travelling the whole world should be your dream.

I know you want it badly like everyone else. Trust me; this dream will turn into reality. Just step ahead, make a move. Maybe you will fulfil your dream starting from today.

Maybe today will be the day you will remember forever as you took the necessary steps to live your life to its fullest. Maybe it is just a click away. Just take off that iron suit of burden. Make this day your day. Make it happen.

Ever since my childhood, the world map always puzzled me. It was always like a mystery I wanted to solve. But then again, visiting the moon was on my to-do list too. But Mr. Jeff won’t take me with him:p.

Honestly, I don’t trust those map makers. Thus, I want to visit all those cities and roads and make sure they exist. Starting from Today! Let’s go!

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